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Sensors 4.0 - Smart Sensors and Measurement Technology enable Industry 4.0

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

This was the topic of Dr. Andreas Schutze presentation at the 14th Symposium “Magnetoresistive Sensors and Magnetic Systems”, organized by Sensitec GmbH; it well describes the key message of the Symposium which took place on March 21-22nd.

For me the most interesting presentations were:

"Wireless Position Measuring in Linear Guides using Integrated TMR sensors" (Kalipso project), where magnetic encoder was bundled with energy harvesting and optical data transmission solutions


"Application of Magneto- Resistive Sensors in Neuronal Bridge Monitoring System", describing, how big data collected from magnetic field sensors, recording signals from passing cars is used for monitoring of bridge condition.

There certainly are magnetic fields beyond measuring capabilities of standard xMR sensors, namely, above few hundred mTesla. Such magnetic fields are generated in Magnetic Welding Systems, Electromagnetic Railguns, Plasma control and Nuclear Fusion equipment - application areas for Colossal Magnetoresistance sensors and Measurement Systems.

Discussion during the Symposium have also revealed coming need for solutions combining CMR and xMR sensors.

The next Symposium will take place in two years; I highly recommend it to users of magnetic field sensors and automation experts.

Magnetoresistive Sensors and Measurement Systems

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