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Colossal Magnetoresistance Sensors for high pulsed magnetic field measurement

Our new type of B-scalar magnetic field sensors are based on Colossal Magnetoresistance (CMR) effect in manganite films. The resistance of manganite (doped magnesium oxide) films decreases in magnetic field because of ordering of magnetic moments of Mn ions.
CMR B-scalar sensors are the best choice to measure time and space profiles of pulsed magnetic field when sensor orientation in the field is hard to define.
The fast CMR-B-scalar sensor responds to magnetic field pulses which have rising front duration down to ∼1 μs.

The impact of the loop effect on the measured signal is negligible when the rise and fall times of the magnetic field pulses are longer than 20 μs (sensor bandwidth is up to 50 kHz).

CMR sensors measure magnetic fields up to 90 Tesla.

Key features:

  • Orientation independent readings;

  • Tiny active element;

  • High level protection from EMI;

  • Custom options.

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