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New round of Science Inspired Innovation

Stepping from Business to Science with determination to start new Science inspired business. Here are resuls of one year on the road.

Turning point

After stepping out from ELAS (see managing director position in April 2015 I was determined to continue working at the interface of science and industry. I definitely had an excellent international business background from Ericsson, Oriflame and Bimba Manufacturing. Developing of ELAS has brought experience of crafting innovative laser micro machining business, developing new high- tech products and putting together international network of customers, suppliers and research institutes.

A feeling, that there should be technologies at TRL6 (technology readiness level 6) which can be pushed forward for commercialization inspired me to create new business out of technologies being developed at Lithuanian research institutes.

It was time to revive private business, Apertika.

The case

The key question was where to find a technology at TRL6 for commercialization. Luckily, at one of the meetings of Lithuanian Defense and Security Industries Association (LDSIA) Dr. Nerija Zurauskiene has presented B-scalar magnetic field measurement system, developed by Department of Material Science and Electrical Engineering of Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). It appeared that the department and a Swiss company have been discussing development of a new technological solution with B-scalar sensors for railways.

The case looked promising, The colossal magnetoresistance sensor was developed by Department of Material Science and Electrical Engineering at FTMC, the measurement system has been developed cooperating with French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL). The System has been successfully tested by Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) and U.S. NAVY.


Still, the technology was not 100% clear to me. Very likely, more often than not technologies developed by scientists do not reach markets because very few people outside scientific community understand how the new technology works and what benefit it can bring. Similar case was with B-scalar magnetic field measurement system: it was extensively used by researchers of FTMC and few research institutes developing Electromagnetic Railguns outside Lithuania, but not known by wider public. To break ice, Prof. Dr. Zurauskiene and Prof. Dr. Saulius Balevicius have offered me to join doctoral studies.

That was an unexpected turn: an offer to start an interesting journey of learning the technology and to take active role in its development. After one year there is a confidence in what we are doing, knowledge of physics behind CMR B-scalar sensors, experience from actual use of pulsed magnetic field measurement system at Customers around Europe, which has brought very positive feedback about performance and measurement results.


Now BeScal pulsed magnetic field measurement system is marketed by Apertika, UAB, you can see on the web page The Solution, including BeScal and CMR sensors is further developed by Apertika and FTMC. We also look for new CMR sensors and high pulsed electromagnetic fields applications.

Please ask questions about product, applications and ways these things can help your business or your research. Let's innovate together.

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