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After years of work in different technology companies we have found, that there is big potential in bringing to business technologies, developed in research organizations.

This way of thinking opens new world of ideas and inspirations.

Take our BeScal system. It was originally designed by FTMC for high magnetic field measurement in ISL electromagnetic launch systems. Besides, it can be used for testing plasma control systems, nuclear fusion or magnetic welding or magnetic forming.

Future is limited only by our imagination!


We’re developers of products and technologies, related to pulsed High Magnetic Field applications for civil and defense purposes.

High Pulsed Magnetic field measurement systems

Magnetic field sensing solutions

  • Magnetic field sensors;

  • Sensing systems;

  • Measurement solutions;

  • Measurement Services.

High Magnetic field and Pulsed Magnetic field sensors

Magnetic field sensors

Sensors for High magnetic field and Pulsed magnetic field

Development of custom Magnetic field generation and measurement solutions

Research and development of Custom  solutions

  • Special Magnetic field generation and measurement solutions;

  • Custom electronic equipment.


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